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Главная » 2014 » Март » 6 » The 8th of March - International Women’s Day
The 8th of March - International Women’s Day
There are many holidays in our country, the 8th of March is one of them. It is a happy and nice holiday. It is a good tradition in our country to give presents and flowers to women on this day. Each family celebrates this spring holiday. In the morning men go to the shops or markets to buy some flowers. They try to clean flats and help women to cook a holiday dinner.
Sons and daughters help their mothers too: they make a cake, lay the table and wash dishes after holiday dinner. All the members of the families try to be well dressed on this day.
Some families celebrate the 8th of March going to the theatres and concerts. They buy tickets beforehand. Others prefer to invite guests and stay at home.
There is almost the same holiday in England. It is called Mothers" Day and celebrated also in spring. Sons and daughters come and give gifts to their mothers on this day. If it is not possible to see a mother, one can send presents and cards to her. Flowers and cakes are the traditional gifts for all mothers in England. All women try to be nice and happy on this day.

Prepared press - service of public organization "Russian community of Severodonetsk" based on the material web - resource http://s-english.ru

  of the information bulletin "ROS'a" and 
management of public organization "Russian community of Severodonetsk" congratulates all women on the holiday of spring and love!
Wish you good health, happiness, love, material prosperity, peaceful sky!

Administration of the information bulletin
Management of public organization "Russian community Severodonetsk"
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